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My Paintings

The paintings you are going to see represent a small sample of the work that has been recorded since 1963.

The Refugees. Oil on Board 1963

Traditional Music. Oil on Board 1964

Africa in anger. Oil on Board 1976

The world of fish. Oil on Board. 1976

Market women. Oil on Canvas. 1987

Pounding Grain. Oil on Canvas. 1989

At the Market. Poster colours on paper. 1963

Women at Home. Oil on Board 1978
Spinning. Oil on Canvas. 1995
Bao players. Oil on Canvas. Decorating Pots. Oil on Canvas. 1995
Women and Development. Oil on Canvas. 1995 Temptation. Oil on Canvas. 1995
Unveiling the Bride. Oil on Canvas. 1995 Celebretion. Oil on Canvas. 1990
Bao Players. Oil on Canvas. 1995 Water! Water! Oil on Canvas. 2000
Rose Jengo ( the artist's wife) Oil on board 1969 Power of Friendship 1995
Conservation for whom? Oil on canvas.1997 Mkomazi Game Reserve mordern rock art. Powder colour on rock surface 1997
Women and Development II, Oil on Canvas. 2001 The inevitable. Oil on Canvas. 2001
Family group. Oil on Canvas. 2001 Telex. Oil on Board.1970 "Winner of ITT Painting Competion 1969"
Conservation for posterity, Oil on Canvas 1997 Samwel Jengo (nephew) 1963
Ibrahim Kaduma at Makerere, 1963